Don “Boomer” McCrea

One of our very own athletes has been named Adult Male Athlete of the Year by the National Congress of State Games (NCSG)! Out of 34 nominees (one from each state offering a State Games event) the NCSG chose Don “Boomer” McCrea from Oregon.

If you heard Boomer’s current list of athletic accomplishments, you’d likely underestimate his age – by a lot. In 2016 alone, he competed in six different State Games of Oregon Track and Field events but that wasn’t quite enough… so he competed in Diving as well, taking home two gold, three silver, and one bronze medals overall. He’s also an avid swimmer and would have competed in that event, as he has in previous years, had it been available this year.

Outside of our events, he annually keeps himself busy competing in many other competitions, including: Pre Classic, Hayward Classic, Oregon Senior Games (Swimming and T&F), Portland Masters Track Championships, Washington Senior Games (Swimming, T&F and Football Throw), Freedom Fair Pole Vault Exhibition, State Games of Oregon (Diving and T&F), Seattle Classic, USMS Nationals, Decathlon (finished 3rd).

Boomer also competes at the national level in Swimming and Track and Field, quite successfully, having earned an astonishing 20+ All-American awards from USATF – for which he credits Jim Thorpe – All American as his inspiration from a young age. The movie inspired him so much so that, in the third grade, he made his own pole vault with two broomstick handles, string, and another broomstick handle as the pole. He’s carried that same initiative and passion with him ever since!

With his approach to sports – “Have fun and don’t get hurt!” – Boomer entirely embodies what the State Games are all about. For more than 20 years, he has been a completely loyal participant and mentor to younger athletes – especially those with autism and other learning disabilities. His service to athletes with disabilities started one day, out of the blue, at a local high school while simply getting a football workout in.

After meeting a young kid there with autism (who seemed to know all college mascots from around the country, Rain Man style), the kid then asked Boomer to show him how to punt a football. Boomer was more than happy to help, and he hasn’t stopped since. He is willing and eager to discuss details and techniques with those looking for guidance, and he unknowingly builds camaraderie in the process. We are fortunate to have him participate with us every year and set such a positive example of sportsmanship.

Outside of competing, Boomer enjoys football, basketball, lifting weights, riding his horse, Rowdy, and staying strong in his Christian faith… And did we mention he’s 75 years young?