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Fun in the Sun!  Join us for a fun, grass volleyball tournament with divisions for every level.  

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Register ahead of time for peace of mind and less wait time during the competition.

Competition Dates




Eligibility and Fees



Important Information

  • Qualifier for the State Games of America.
  • Athletes: Must sign waiver on team sport entry form.
  • Coaches: Team entries must have all the individual’s information completed, including waiver signature(s), player signatures and addresses, and T-shirt size. Submit team entry form, team roster and the entry fee to the State Games. Incomplete entries will not be processed.
  • NWAS outdoor rules shall apply.
  • All games, both pool play and brackets, will be rally scoring.
  • T-shirts will be provided to all competitors.
  • Medals awarded to first, second, and third places.
  • Game time is forfeit time.
  • Teams responsible for volleyball and officiating.
  • No protests allowed.
  • Events/Divisions:
  • o  Reverse Coed Quads in Open, AA, A, BB

Fun in the sun!


Competition Schedule

Coaches Meeting – 7:30 a.m.
Games start – 8:00 a.m.

Something TBD


Something TBD


Location TBD


Click below to see historical results.
2017 Results
Results currently not available.
2016 Results

Gold Division

Paul Kjos, Sarah Bain, Leanna Ludes, önder Bahadırlı

Nicole Mertens, Derrick Dunn, John Tennant, Emily Compton

Riley Kratzer, Rob Holmes, Stephen Stone, Brindl Langley


Silver Division

Deng Thepharat, Daniel Tzeo, Tanya Martin, Kelsie Dorpat

Mike Chadwick, Degay Harris, Bill Bennett, Jordan Giboney

Lucy Hackbarth, Joel Maag, Alex Gordan, Dominique Daung


Bronze Division

Anhthu Lai, Peter Nguyen, Vincent Ly, Rachel Femling

Rafael Valencia, Diana Villalpando, Mike Humbert, Shy Sadora

Derrick Hackbarth, Brianna Cathers, David Kim, Maddie Standley, Brooke Cathers


Sterling Division

PT Thilavanh, Doug Birch, Natalie Birch, Lauren Birch

Eric Morillo, Lindsey Chow, Crystal Jeffries, Jet Robnett

Nghĩa Trương, Judy Robnett, Valerie Valencia, Jeff Pinnock


2015 Results

2015 Grass Volleyball Results


Gold – “Bad Boys” – Mike Griffin, Ariel Usher, Irina Bell, Kyle England

Silver – Derrick Dunn, Kelsie Dorpat, Nicole Marten, Mark Fries

Bronze – Robb Holmes, Emily Compton, Brindle Langley, Geoff Colton



Gold – “Guns Out” – Deng Thepharat, Robert McCullough, Harley Combs, Kendra Gulley

Silver – “Team Hiki-No” – David Kim, Bryce Yamamoto, Courtney Wallenborn, Milana Ivković

Bronze – Juan Caez, DeGay Harris, Alicia Smith, Mike Humbert



Gold – “Karma” – Sergey Protopopov, Marcos Olivares, Nyra Gallardo, Dominique Daung

Silver – David Rueck, Emad Aboujaoude, Emily Seacat, Ashley Zabel

Bronze – “Pho Rieu”- Thanh Nguyen, Peter Nguyen, Alex Nguyen, Selesa Wong



Gold – “Jambalaya” – Nghia Truong, Katy Sanchez. Jason Pavelka, Jill Emmert-Tricarico

Silver – “That was your ball” – Sydney Blankinship, Scott Coons, Quinn Coons, Shay Coons

Bronze – Maile Kam, Julani Sitathammavong, Jackson VanVuren, Tyler Rosette

2014 Results

2014 State Games of Oregon

Volleyball Results

Held at Brentwood Park

Upper A
Gold: Tiger
Silver: Your Momma
Bronze: Velocity

Lower A
Gold: Token White Girl
Silver: Deng It
Bronze: Raphael’s Team

Gold: Rule #5

Gold: Harley Comb’s Team
Silver: Empower

2013 Results

State Games of Oregon – 2013 Outdoor Volleyball Results

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Reverse Quads Coed


A Division

Gold: Dengit, Fairview, OR

Silver: Yo Mama

Bronze: Los Clavos, Portland, OR


Volleyball- Hit


B Division

Gold: Chadwick, Oregon City, OR

Silver: Grass Whatever, Beaverton, OR

Bronze: Fear the Tape


Volleyball- Spike

Masters Division

Gold: Fountain of Youth, Portland, OR

Silver: Rule #5, Troutdale, OR


Volleyball- Serve

2012 Results
Results currently not available.
2011 Results
Sunday,  July 10, 2011


A Division


Gold                 NWAS Dengit                          Deng Thepharat            Fairview OR

Daniel Tsezao               Gresham OR

Alyssa Wirthlin Beaverton OR

Kila Adams                  Camas WA


Silver                NWAS PT                               PT Thilavanh

Troy Seng-Aroun         Beaverton OR

Kinsi Stout

Terin Filaroski


Bronze Grass Trippin Whatever            Ronda Johnson Beaverton OR

Ron Lagergren              Portland OR

Emily Seacat                 Vancouver WA

Michael Armstrong       Happy Valley OR



Novice Division


Gold                 East of Eden                             John Charles                 Sandy OR

Nicole Kilian                Gresham

Abbie Sagebiel Portland OR

Dan DeGroot               Portland OR



Masters Division


Gold                 Rule #5                        Dave DeGraff               Troutdale OR

Debbie Hickok Scappoose OR

Jim Rom                       Portland OR

Melissa Severson          Gresham OR

Brooks Kime                Beaverton OR

2010 Results

2010 State Games of Oregon

Outdoor Volleyball held at Brentwood Park

Portland, OR

July 10-11, 2010




Gold: Chuckleheads, Vancouver, WA


Gold: Scrappers, Portland, Or.


Gold: Double Trouble, Beaverton, Or.


Gold:  Double D, Portland, Or.




Gold:  Trippin Whatever, Portland, Or.

Silver:  East of Eden, Portland, Or.

Bronze:  Mostly Leftys, Portland, Or.


Gold: The Netheads, Beaverton, Or.


Gold:  Rule #5, Troutdale, Or.

2009 Results
2009 State Games of Oregon Volleyball Results

Doubles Female – A

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Erika Eggers; , OR

Gold  Lucy Hackbarth; Beaverton, OR

Silver  Sanne Hiddingh; , OR

Silver  Afke Stufkens; Portland, OR

Doubles Mens – A

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Josh Armstrong; , OR

Gold  Michael Strand; Oregon City, OR

Silver  Rafael Balen; Portland, OR

Silver  Rick Kotecki; Vancouver, WA

Doubles Mens – Novice

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Marcus Alvarez; Portland, OR

Erik Everson; Portland, OR

Doubles Rev. Coed – A

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Leo Tow; , OR

Gold  Jessica Evans; Portland, OR

Erik Jutila; , OR

Courtney Wallenborn; Vancouver, WA

Doubles Rev. Coed – Masters

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Dawn Kime; Portland, OR

Gold  Brooks Kime; Portland, OR

Doubles Rev. Coed – Novice

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Jacin Steele; Hillsboro, OR

Gold  Amanda Leone; , OR

Quads Reverse Coed -A

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Erika Eggers; , OR

Gold  Lucy Hackbarth; Beaverton, OR

Gold  Rafael Balen; Portland, OR

Silver  Dav Kim; Vancouver, WA

Silver  April Navarro; , OR

Bronze  Ronda Johnson; Portland, OR

Bronze  Carrie Putsch; , OR

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2009 State Games of Oregon Volleyball Results

Bronze  Ron Lagergren; , OR

Bronze  Jeff Putsch; , OR

Ingrid Jensen; , OR

Heather Cobaugh; , OR

Diane Baiar; , OR

Dany Breque; Portland, OR

Matthew Husted; , OR

Quads Reverse Coed -Master

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Dave Degraff Jr; Troutdale, OR

Gold  Debbie Hickok; Warren, OR

Gold  Diane Baiar; , OR

Gold  Jim Rom; Portland, OR

Quads Reverse Coed -Novice

Place  Participant                                                                                                                                   Score

Gold  Ingrid Jensen; , OR

Gold  Dany Breque; Portland, OR

Gold  Matthew Husted; , OR

Gold  Heather Cobaugh; , OR

Silver  Matthew Clark; Milwaukie, OR

Silver  Cristie March; Portland, OR

Silver  Amanda Wolfe; Molalla, OR

Silver  Erik Everson; Portland, OR

Bronze  Chris Huntley; , OR

Bronze  Darren Utt; , OR

Bronze  Merryn Roberts; Portland, OR

Bronze  Julie Malmberg; Beaverton, OR

Katie Leitheiser; , OR

Kendra Ampe; Lake Oswego, OR

O.J. Gulley; , OR

Kyle Swoboda; , OR

Monday, July 13, 2009

2008 Results
2008 State Games or Oregon

Indoor Volleyball Results

Held at Multnomah Athletic Club

June 14th 2008

Gold: Whatever

Silver: You Got Served

Bronze: Spider Monkey



2008 State Games of Oregon 

Outdoor Volleyball Results

Held at Brentwood Park, Portland Or.

July 12th & 13th


Coed Reverse Doubles


A Division

Gold: Razzle Dazzle, (Mike Bailey, Ashley Sanders)

Silver: Jacey & Gary (Hjacel Dunaway, Gary Rule)


Master Division

Gold: Jim & Christy (Jim Rom, Christy Sutton)



Coed Reverse Quads


Novice Division

Gold: Stiffler’s Mom

Silver: S’s & M’s

Bronze: D.A.B.S.


A Division

Gold: D.I.G.It

Silver: Velocity

Bronze: Soft Little Ducks


Master Division

Gold: It’s Yours

2007 Results
2007 State Games of Oregon 

Outdoor Volleyball Results

Held at Brentwood Park, Portland, Or.

July 7-8 2007






Gold: The Participants, Portland, Or.



Gold: Scott/Anna, Canby, Or.

Silver: Palmer/Withers, Portland, Or.

Bronze: Deng/Emily, Portland, Or.



Gold: Rom/Sutton, Portland, Or.






Gold: Oregon United, Hillsboro, Or.

Silver: Team America, Tigard, Or.

Bronze: Diggers, Portland, Or.



Gold: Tequila!, North Plains, Or.

Silver: Whatever, Lake Oswego, Or.



Gold: Spank Me, Troutdale, Or.

Silver: Beer ‘n Fries, North Plains, Or.

2006 Results
2006 State Games of Oregon

Indoor Volleyball held June 10th

at the Multnomah Athletic Club


Upper Division:

Gold: You Got Served

Silver: Club VIP

Bronze: Team FBB

Lower Division:

Gold: Wild West

Silver: Wild Rice

Bronze: MAK

2005 Results

Indoor Volleyball Results


Gold:  United Nations

Silver:  MAK

Bronze:  Terminator






2005 State Games of Oregon Outdoor Volleyball Results


Brentwood Park, Portland, OR


July 9-10, 2005




Doubles A


Gold:  Sonny Palmer/Pattie Withers (Portland)


Silver:  Chuck Richards/Phyllis Chun (Camas, WA)




Doubles Novice


Gold:  Silver Tiger, Portland, OR


Silver:  The Savages, Klamath Falls, OR


Bronze:  24, Hillsboro, OR




Doubles Masters


Gold:  Double Trouble, Portland, OR




Quads A


Gold:  Whoop Ass, Hillsboro, OR


Silver:  Beer n’ Fries, North Plains, OR






Quads Novice


Gold:  Kami Kazes, Beaverton, OR


Silver:  Double Down, Portland, OR


Bronze:  24, Hillsboro, OR




Quads Masters


Gold:  Rule #5, Troutdale, OR

2004 Results

2004 State Games of Oregon

Volleyball held July 10 –11

at Brentwood Park, Portland


Doubles  A

Gold: PJ’s Portland

Silver: Scott & Tomye Bronze: Chuck & Phyllis Doubles  Masters

Gold: Double Trouble, Gresham Silver: Dave & Debbie, Gresham/Scappoose Bronze: Coyotes, Gresham Quads A

Gold: Missy & the Big People, Gresham/Scappoose Silver: Over in 2, Portland Bronze: East of Eden, Portland